LARGE BORE 35MM TWIN TUBE DESIGN – Allows greater oil volume for cooling and sustained valving performance and strong 1.6mm outer tube construction protects the vital internal components from damage.

LARGE 18MM HARDENED CHROME PISTON ROD – Strong enough to handle any load or harsh conditions expected from your 4×4.
TRIPLE LIP CHECK VALVE OIL SEAL – MK2 -The latest technology in oil seal design – physically larger with quantum improvements in durability, oil and gas retention with much greater resistance to heat so it keeps working under the harshest conditions.

TEFLON IMPREGNATED LOW FRICTION ROD GUIDE – The latest refinement in rod guide design further reduces heat build up and maintains performance.
TEFLON INFUSED BRONZE ROD GUIDE SLIP RING – A new component that maintains consistent and uniform performance by providing a tight and uniform fit between the piston rod and rod guide.

MULTI DEFLECTIVE DISC VALVING SYSTEM – A unique and new valving system that features multiple disc valving control at the base of the shock and on both sides of the piston rod. This allows the OME engineers more valving options for better ride quality and handling control.

35MM HIGH FLOW TEFLON BANDED PISTON – New low friction design has less restrictive oil flow through the piston, reduces heat build up and aeration of the oil that leads to fade.
VEHICLE SPECIFIC VALVING – OME shock absorber’s performance stand head and shoulders over its competitors because many hours of OME engineering valving work have been put into each and every shock absorber to ensure our customers get the best ride and handling their vehicle can have.
POLYETHYLENE DIRT SHIELD – Impact resistant, polyethylene dirt shield provides additional protection from stone chips and off road debris.
NITROGEN GAS – Increases the temperature operating range and improves oil flow through the valving, ensuring optimum performance.
SUPPLEMENTARY WELDS – For strength and reliability, all mounts have supplementary welds.


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