Free Winter Check & Hope NE Charity

At Spanner Monkeys in Newcastle a full winter check is absolutely FREE we do this to give our clients peace of mind and sound advice of their cars condition. We check items like brakes, battery, tyres, fluids and more. You’re given the advice free of charge with no obligation to do any repairs needed. We do ask that you book in for this check so we have a technician available.

A lot of customers said coming in for something free feels awkward, so we would like to offer for you to say thanks by helping someone else. We service the Hope team van every year free of charge to keep them moving. If you’d love to bring a donation for HOPE Charity be it money, clothing, hats, gloves, trainers, snacks, dog treats for their beloved dogs, any winter essentials or items for the charity shop they would be greatly appreciated.

Hope are in much need of items to help our local community survive the winter months we’ll chuck in a free winter essentials pack for those who bring donations. They feed around 120 people every Saturday night with their street kitchen. Those in need are provided with food packs, clothes, toiletries and sometimes just a much needed hug. Last weekend one of the street friends they have provided support for took his own life. You have probably read or heard nothing about it happening because they are often the forgotten in the community. Sometimes life on the street just becomes too much.

If you don’t need a winter check and just want to donate this is also more than welcomed. They also have an easy fundraising link where you can donate without spending a penny more

This is a list from their website of items always needed. They also accept donations for their charity shop which is in Birtley

This is from their Facebook page

Tracksuit bottoms M & F
Trainers M & F
Tents (1 or 2 person)
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Mats

Thermal hats
Thermal Gloves
Thermal socks
Travel mugs – spillproof
Warm and/or waterproof coats – S, M, L & XL
Waterproof trousers – S, M, L & XL
Brushes and combs
Shower Gel
Flannels / Sponges
Chapstick / Lip balm
Sanitary towels
Deodorant – roll on (no glass bottles or sprays please)
T-Shirts M & F
Hoodies / Sweatshirts M & F
Jeans M & F
Jumpers M & F
NEW underwear only

Non perishable food

Tins – ring pull
Cup A Soup

Pot Noodles
Chocolate bars
Snack bars
Cereal bars & cereal pots
Hot Chocolate
Bottled drinks

If you’d like to know more about Hope or volunteer