We don’t fit customer supplied parts. Why not ?

We don’t fit customer supplied parts

Why not ? ….

Garages are not insured to fit your parts under their own liability insurance. 

A lot of garages and driveway mechanics have started to ask people to supply their own parts. It’s worth considering if this is to reduce their liability.

If you have them fitted and they go wrong you’ll end up paying for removal and refitting – really not cost effective.

There are many ‘fake’ parts out there. Sadly often not made to the same standards and fail often. We wouldn’t want to fit something that could cost you more in the long run.

If our parts go wrong, this happens but very rarely, we remove, replace and refit at no cost to you.

What is our experience ?

Most of the time when clients had provided their own parts in the past they have done the following which all cost either time or money, so we stopped.

  • been sold damaged parts
  • not got all parts needed
  • paid way over the top for poor quality parts
  • been sent totally the wrong parts
  • bought cheap copies from abroad that have failed

Give us a call or email, we can if you prefer split what the cost is between parts and labour. This way you definitely know you’re not paying an excessive price on parts.

In summary ? It’s a no from us 

Be very wary of anywhere that encourages you to supply your own parts this is so they can say to you ‘not our fault’

In short, we don’t do it as we prefer to protect our clients and our reputation.

You wouldn’t take your own steak to a restaurant and it come out the same quality as their own. So why would you expect a garage to fit your own parts ? ;)#

http://www.independentgarageassociation.co.uk/ also advises garages who are members not to fit clients own parts.