Land Rover Restoration Services


From a Series to a Classic Range Rover a Discovery to a Defender we can offer full restoration services. These aren’t always classics and include fairly modern Land Rovers which have had a harder life or indeed damaged. The following models included

  • Land Rover Series including  Series 1, 2, 2A and 3
  • Land Rover Lightweight
  • Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2
  • Land Rover Defender 90
  • Land Rover Defender 110
  • Land Rover Defender 130
  • Range Rover Classic

As Land Rover specialists we are able to source Land Rovers to meet your exact requirements which we can then restore for you. We are able to source most Land Rovers and Parts within a specified time frame, however rare your Land Rover requirement we can usually find it and where we can’t find we may be able to make it


Are you looking for classic Land Rover rebuilds? Whatever the requirement of your Land Rover restoration project we can restore and refurbish any type and model taking care of:

  • Full Land Rover strip down and restoration to as new condition
  • Land Rover re-spray
  • Land Rover renovation
  • Land Rover galvanised chassis
  • Land Rover respray
  • Extra Land Rover Seats
  • Land Rover Roof Conversions to soft top, station wagon, truck cab or hard top
  • Classic Series Land Rover improvements such as power steering, disc brakes, parabolic or coil spring conversion
  • Land Rover refurbishment
  • Land Rover galvanised bulkhead
  • New Land Rover Interior Trim and soundproofing upgrades
  • Land Rover Roll Cages designed and built in house
  • Land Rover Engine Conversions

Our restoration team are passionate about Land Rovers. We own them, drive them and love them as much as you do.

We regularly replace Land Rover chassis with a galvanised chassis, this is usually the start of the process, starting from the ground up after stripping the old vehicle top down.  A brand new galvanised Land Rover chassis is always advised if the condition of the original is poor they are corrosion resistant and if cared for should last better than anything else


Debit and credit cards accepted including American Express .

If you plan to take your Land Rover abroad and would like to discuss this we will be more than happy to accommodate your Land Rover export needs including left hand drive conversions

For more information of how our service could be of benefit to you contact us to discuss your needs on  0191 4698740