Land Rover Show – Peterborough 2019

Peterborough Land Rover Show also known as the LRO Show is one of the largest of the year. The show features business stalls with some exhibitors putting an amazing effort in. The club stands vary from a simple gathering to an amazing display. Some of the Land Rovers are even dressed up. You’ll also find a great display in the main arena. Summed up a good weekend of great variety 

Subsequently deciding not to attend a Land Rover show as big as Peterborough as a business is not easy. However we will attend an important christening on Sunday needs must. A big plus of course is a good nights sleep in a local premier inn. When you are told it was freezing at the show, it was a good choice. The car park of course in addition full of lovely Land Rovers.

It’s really nice to wander round the show as a family, catching up with clients and friends. As much as we love chatting to people on our own stands at shows this is just as important.

Was great to be chatting with suppliers including Electric Winch Shop, YRM, Direct 4×4 and more! Always good to have time to browse stalls and see what is being sold, current trends and new products.

It is also great for our sons who have autism to experience the shows. They will have a better relationship with our suppliers when they take on working in the business. will have the details for next years shows on soon and we will be back next time

Special delivery for Unsworth Tractors

One of our customers asked us to make a sign for her partner and we delivered this to a stall (photo attached) The sign of course had the business name and a tractor theme for his business 

Unsworth tractors sign Land Rover show

Unsworth tractors sign delivered to the Land Rover show