Automatic Gearbox Oil Changes … a little info

The oil is supposed to be lifetime fill on my Land Rover – why change it?

This is some of the information from ZF who manufacture automatic gearboxes for most Land Rover and Range Rover models and a little of our own advice when it comes to deciding if it’s worth servicing your gearbox

• The oil in a modern automatic transmission is a highly engineered component as it serves many functions including lubrication, cooling, hydraulic application of clutches and power transmission via the torque converter

• Modern transmissions utilise overlapping application of clutch packs at gear changes (instead of freewheels) and controlled slip of the torque converter lock up clutch which puts greater stresses on the oil

• To meet these challenges partially synthetic oils have been developed for ZF 5, 6 and 8 speed transmissions which are maintenence free under normal operating conditions. However, as some degradation of the oil inevitably occurs over time and usage, ZF recommends oil and filter changes after 50,000 to 75,000 miles to ensure optimum performance

• Oil degration can lead to complaints such as judder, noises and a deterioration in gear change quality.

• Some car manufacturers already recommend oil servicing at 60,000 miles and others are starting to put greater emphasis on the technical benefits rather than ‘cost of ownership’.

We offer a gearbox service option and a gearbox flush service for all automatic gearboxes and you can book by calling 0191 4698740 or email